Listing Guidelines

Connete Listing Guidelines


It is an advertisers responsibility to make sure that they are posting only suitable listing on Connete, i.e post only legal and decent. The sole responsibility for all your contents and information that you posted on our website lies upon the person from whom the content originated. We reserve the right to modify, remove or reclassify any advert at our discretion. 


We are Australian based classified website and envisioned to serve only Australian customers. Any ads posted on our website from outside Australia will be deleted and the user will be blocked. We do not allow pictures or images that contain nudity.


The below guidelines explains you which adverts or posting may not be placed or allowed on Connete, but does not represent a complete list. If you are not sure of which product or services can be listed on our website, Please contact us


Items prohibited or restricted for posting on our website include but are not limited to:



  • We do not allow any adverts using a graphic or obscene or racist language.


Copyright Infringement

  • You agree not to post any content that you do not have a right to make available under any law.
  • We do not allow any copyright or trademark sensitive goods or items. 
  • You are not allowed to advertise any copies or backups of software or games.


Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco

  • We do not accept adverts for cigarettes, tobacco-related products or alcohol.
  • We do not accept adverts for illegal drugs, prescription drugs, paraphernalia, steroids, and other controlled substances.


Animals & Species

  • We do not accept any animals or pet related adverts on our website. We may start accepting adverts related to animals or pets in the near future.
  • We do not allow any postings related to endangered species.
  • We do not accept advertisement of wild-caught animals.
  • We do not allow animals to be advertised as "gifts", especially in reference to special occasions such as Christmas or Easter. 


Weapons & Ammunition

  • We do not allow any advertisement related to weapons & ammunition.
  • Advertisement for any guns or other firearms is not accepted. 
  • We do not accept adverts for deactivated firearms, replica firearms or any firearm accessories.
  • We do not accept adverts for tear gas, teasers, martial art weapons, archery, bow, and arrow equipment.
  • We do not accept adverts for any kind of knives.


Adult, Pornographic videos & DVDs

  • We do not allow any adverts for adult-oriented products or services. 
  • Adverts for escort & sexual services are not allowed.
  • We do not accept any advertisement for R18 classified videos or DVDs



  • We only accept an advertisement for lingerie & underwear that is new and unworn.


Massage & Therapy

  • Those who are offering massage & therapy services must have a valid insurance policy covering public liability & professional indemnity.


Some other items which are prohibited or restricted for posting on our website include but are not limited to:-

(a) Counterfeit or knock-off goods including currency & stamps

(b) Explosives, fireworks, destructive devices and hazardous materials

(c) Hacking, electronic Surveillance or interception equipment

(d) Stolen items or property

(e) Personal information, identity documents & financial records

(f) Illegal telecommunication & electronic equipment such as password sniffers, radar scanner,  and traffic signal control devices

(g) Requests for money unless placed by a registered charity. Please contact us by quoting your registration number

(h) Devices designed to detect radar

(i) Devices or software designed to decode radio security devices

(j) Work from home & independent franchises

(k) Used cosmetics & hair products

(l) Human parts, Bodily fluids, adoption and human remains

(m) We do not allow postings of any recalled items

(n) We do not allow the adverts to post any items made from ivory, rhino horn, and any animal parts

(o) Gaming machines 


If you have any question related to above listing guidelines, please send us an email to







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